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I am off taking a long-needed break. In my absence, my associated broker Patti Gallagher will be more than happy to assist you.

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Mortgage rates are rising.
See how diversification can help.

Rising mortgage rates are a big problem. See how you can diversify your options.

Save Time
Save Money
Protect Yourself

Your Protection Is My Priority

Mortgage rates are now 1.5% percent above a 10-year average. So what can you do to protect yourself from raising rates and also take advantage of rates coming down in a few years?

There are several options for creating a diversified mortgage that will provide you with short-term and long term security.

It all comes down to balance and timing.

Here are some of the common
questions I often get asked:

What is the best way to protect myself from raising rates?

How can I take advantage of rates coming down in a few years?

Should I get a fixed or variable mortgage?

How do I get the best rate?

What are my options, and what steps can I take to get the best deal?

Who can I trust to help me navigate this unpredictable market and reach my financial goals?

Finding these answers starts with connecting with me today.

I specialize in finding the best options for my clients by providing choices that best represent my clients' interests and unique circumstances.
My goal is to help you make the best and informed choices about your mortgage needs.
Tell me your unique situation and let me take care of all the research work.

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For the past thirty-three years, I’ve focused on helping individuals make educated and informed choices about their mortgage needs. I’m proud to say I’ve helped over 1,000 clients understand their options, diversify their mortgages, and protect their assets.

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