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About Michael Friedman

Michael started in the mortgage brokerage profession in 1987 and is an Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) a member of Mortgage Professionals Canada, the Mortgage Brokers Association of BC and is a government registered mortgage broker

For the past twenty-nine years Michael has focused on helping individuals make educated and informed choices about their mortgage needs

Michael’s mortgage consultations focus on giving a global understanding of the mortgage process and how it relates to the mortgage financing of homes, all in an easy-to-follow, professional and knowledgeable manner. Michael specializes in finding the best options, by providing choice that best represents his clients interests not the banks.



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  • My take on interest rates

    As you may have heard, The Bank of Canada has raised the policy interest rate to 1.75% which in turn will force most Canadian financial institutions to increase their prime rates; most will be at 3.95% by Friday. So what does this mean regarding rates today......

  • New Mortgage Product & The Ultimate Low Risk Mortgage

    As the market adjusts to mortgage rule changes, lender mortgage issuance requirements, provincial policy changes, and everyone’s favorite the “Trump Factor,” some lenders are upping their game and offering two products that are at both ends of the spectrum. We now have access to two......

  • What is the one thing to best boost property values ?

    A survey of more than 750 real estate agents across Canada has revealed the top things home sellers can do to maximize the value of their home. The Royal Le Page poll found that the often-favored kitchen renovation is the best way to add value;......

  • Mortgage Rate Update April 20 2017

    Today’s mortgage market has never been better when it comes to choice, but with choice, there also becomes a lot of confusion when elevating what mortgage is best for you. Mortgage lenders now practice quoting rates that have multiple conditions within the rate itself. Sometimes......