Faraz Khan | Michael Friedman

I am off taking a long-needed break. In my absence, my associated broker Patti Gallagher will be more than happy to assist you.

Patti’s contact information are as follows:


Faraz Khan

We were referred to Michael through our developer’s Sales Centre. We decided to give him a try as our financial institution was offering a higher than normal market rate. Upon speaking with Michael, he assured us he could get us a better rate than our financial institution. Michael moves very fast. He is efficient and seemed to know exactly what was required and when we needed to submit it. He didn’t ask for more information than he needed, which was nice because we didn’t need to call around to get forms and papers he wasn’t going to use. After 4 days, we were so happy to find out he was able to get us a posted rate at a local Credit Union. With his assurances, quick action, meet anywhere/anytime motto, I would recommend Michael to anybody who is looking for a mortgage (the useful gifts he sent us were a nice touch too). Thank you for your help Michael!