27 Mar Nothing to do with mortgages and all about Savio Volpe !

Last evening I had the pleasure of celebrating my 2016 achievements with my wife and our two friends Todd & Karen Connor who also were celebrating their 2016 achievements, we choose Savio Volpe 615 Kingsway Vancouver as our destination.

I now understand why it was so hard to get a reservation.

The Decor

The decor and vibe of the restaurant have so many elements as you pass from the front to middle to the rear of the restaurant. I want to go back not only for the food but to simply to be seated in a different section to experience the ambiance.

We were greeted and seated at the front that has an incredible expansive window facing out to the street.


Our server greeted us with sparkling sweet water, our menus and a healthy Italian wine list that ranged from reasonable restaurant pricing to bottles upward of $125.00.

After some discussion with our server as I had no idea which one to order with our meal, we choose the Carpineto Farnito, and then we choose it again very soon after as it was such a delicious wine, poof it was gone.

The Food

The menu is family style or tapas as some would call it. We had some various dietary restrictions at our table, but the menu has excellent range on it, so we were able to accommodate all in our party.

I am not a professional food writer and not a foodie groupie, but I like to eat copious amounts of tasty food, so you will have just take my word that each of the following items we ordered was mind blowing.

Prosciutto di Parma, apples, Grana
Beets, ricotta, apple, slow roast onions, walnuts
Kale, lemon pepper dressing, romano, pangrattato
Lamb Fettucine
Gnocchi, peas, mint, pecorino
Veal Breast
Half chicken, rosemary, grilled lemon
Veal Chop
Smashed root vegetables, pepe nero

My conclusion is I better hit the gym as I am going to be eating at Savio Voipe a lot more.

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