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20 Apr Mortgage Rate Update April 20 2017

Today’s mortgage market has never been better when it comes to choice, but with choice, there also becomes a lot of confusion when elevating what mortgage is best for you.

Mortgage lenders now practice quoting rates that have multiple conditions within the rate itself. Sometimes the lowest rate can have critical features removed such as pre-payment, blending & extending & portability.

When elevating what mortgage is best for you, ensure you discuss your short/long term goals with a qualified mortgage professional that can present you with at least three choices from various lenders.

Below is a sample of today’s mortgage rates, for a more in-depth free consultation please feel free to call me at 604-657-1684.

As of April 20, 2017

Fixed Rate

One year    – 2.39%-2.49%
Two year    – 2.14%-2.49%
Three year – 2.34%-2.49%
Four year   – 2.49%-2.69%
Five year   –  2.59%–2.74%

Variable –     P – .10% – P – .60%

*The above rates represent the typically discounted rates available to borrowers with strong credit, qualifying income and assets, on conventional real property that meets lending value requirements. Rates are subject to change without notice. Additional rate discounts and benefits may be obtained during the direct bid process. This data is for information purposes only and should not be relied upon without verification by Michael Friedman, AMP. E & O

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